Brand identity and development

In the beginning,

What seemed like another conversation buzzed into an exciting journey of discovery and awe. We worked on creating a brand that represented a force, a primordial being of communication, found within experiences, pushing content and context forward.

The concept of WriteForce was simply to be a god of content creation.

Content is key; context is king

After long hours of brand analysis, the team finally came up with a brand summary that accurately defined the brand’s intent – to influence a busy audience through compelling and comprehensive stories, via any media available.

Hence, flexibility across all media was a key ingredient in building the visual identity. We tried out several iterations trying to represent authority while being flexible.

The Sensei is here

The final identity represented a meditating monk. Monks were known to be dedicated scribes, famous for keeping scrolls relevant to date. Also, we represented the two basic ingredients of content creation, the pen and paper by illustrating a pen nib and an open book!