VATA 2019

Campaign Branding, Visual Strategy for Nigeria’s second-youngest member of
the House of Representatives

“I am your man”

We needed to communicate to the audience that Small Alhaji was the best candidate for the position. We ignored the blame tactic and focused on building on the manifesto of the party – development and progress.

“Develop With Small Alhaji”

We created this tagline to communicate the collaborative intention of our client. Owing to the former glory of the Idanre Hills, we represented the wish of the audience in our campaign materials. We consistently communicated development from the grassroots with the people.

“Tesiwaju pelu Small Alhaji”

We translated our campaign message into their native tongue. We made it relatable and easy to recollect.

Small Alhaji won the polls by a comfortable margin with 14% more votes than the first runner-up.