Tastii Dish

Brand strategy, identity for an indigenous restaurant

Not your regular restaurant

Tastii Dish didn’t want to be the regular restaurant. So when Aanu called us to help, she made it clear that she didn’t want to be perceived as just another food seller.

Beyond the tongue

“Tasty” is just one amongst many other words to qualify a dish, but it doesn’t make the dish stand out. With the sole aim of helping the restaurant stand out, the team did an in-depth research on the target audience of Tastii Dish.

What we found out was astonishing – it’s beyond the tongue. So, we created a food experience model that helps the customers get more than the food they ordered.

Eat Tastii!

When we released the identity, the feedback was 100 percent positive. The hunger was not only dealt with, the experience was enjoyed.

Delivering the best food experience!

Providing an experience tailored to your preferences, we understand that every human is different and deserves to be treated in his/her own context.