Personal Branding for Mofesola Paul

Unveling the King

“I consider myself a leader in whatever interests me”. “Living as truly as I possibly can, that’s my only interest”. When we discussed the Czar brand, Paul emphasized on the unpredictability of his personality, diverse yet a specialist.

You’re a king, look like one

When building his identity, we focused first on the Czar symbol, the imperial crown of Russia. However, we discovered that every other Czar brand used same. We decided to try a seal, yet it lost the unpredicatability feel.

“Any man who must say I am king, is no true king”

After weeks of iterations, we figured what we wanted was not supposed to be conventional. To show mystic, we didn’t have to be all over the place. Direct and dominating does it!

“I love it – no, we love it! I appreciate the energy that went into interpreting my personality” – Paul Mofesola, Czar.