Brand identity for one of Africa’s leading tech companies

All code and no play...

Kitan David came to Neptunn for help creating the brand identity for a tech company aimed at beginner and intermediate – level programmers. As part of the brand attributes, fun was consistently emphasized!

To build, accelerate!

However, we discovered that a lot of programming beginners, do not know what they need to get started. To solve this new challenge, we created a brand message that emphasizes the mission of 115Garage – accelerate! We, then began to work on its visual representation. We needed a mark that would help identify 115Garage as “a fun brand for beginners”.

Building blocks!

The identity was inspired by the modern method of teaching kids the letter of the alphabets – building blocks! Though fun, such methods effectively accelerate the kid’s learning abilities – it was so on point!

The identity spanned across various applications on digital platforms and on print!

No more crappy underpaid jobs!

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